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What is
SmartID QR

Smart ID QR is a QR code that provides instant access to student’s emergency, health and medical information.

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Why SmartID Tag

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Instant Access to Life Saving Information

Smart ID tag can be scanned by any camera and provides instant access to life saving information to authorized users.

Restricted access to detailed information

To protected child’s privacy, only authorized or registered users get access to detailed information. An unregistered user would get access to emergency contacts only.

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Safety Assurance for students and staff

Smart ID builds a net of safety in your ecosystem. It empowers you with an assurance of safety. Students can feel safe wherever they are. True peace of mind for you.

Get help in a timely manner

Smart ID QR provides access to emergency, health and medical information in matter of seconds. Quick access to live saving information is critical in case of an emergency


Seamless integration with Current System

Simple and easy. All you need to do is to add the Smart ID QR code on your existing student ID cards.

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The WeSafe app and the scanning result of QR code is cobranded with your school/Institution.

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